Democratic Presidential Candidates Lay Smackdown on Oil Execs

Apparently, in Pennsylvania, its all about oil. At least, that’s what the Democratic contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been focusing on in their latest criss-cross of the “virtue, liberty, and independence” state this week. While dropping in at local gas stations and truck stops, the candidates re-enforced their own personal plans to take on big oil and the energy crisis.

Clinton, who likened herself to Rocky Balboa, has chosen to lash out at the oil policy of the Bush administration. Obama has stated repeatedly that a crackdown on oil copanies who exacerbate the problem with greed is needed.

Clinton wants oil companies to contribute to a $50 billion fund to invest in alternative energy and for car manufacturers to increase fuel efficiency standards and for the government to tap into its emergency oil reserves. Obama proposes a $150 billion investment over 10 years in clean energy and an 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions over 40 years.


Whoever democrats decide to choose, they will no doubt be better than the current administration, whose policy, after an entire two terms of ignoring calls for clean energy and environmental protection, are just now noting that there is a problem.

Attending an International Renewable Energy Conference in March, President Bush said, “America has got to change its habits. We’ve got to get off oil.”

Duh, Mr. President- duh.